Monday, 30 June 2014

Art@CMS at the ICHEP2014 in Valencia

This  year Art@CMS artists were invited to present their artworks on the largest HEP conference the ICHEP 2014 in Valencia.
Following artists art presented:
Michael Hoch [AUT] "The GodParticleHuntinMachine" from the series Natural Science, 2013
Xavier Cortada [US] "In Search of the Higgs Boson", 2013
Alison Gill [UK] "Stranger than Paradise", 2013
Chris Henschke [AUS] "Edge of the Observable", 2014

furthermore Videos were persented from:
Paul Schuster/ Michael Hoch [AUT] "CMS action Science", 2014

Anastasia Sidorenko "Love is the 5th element", 2014
work presented in the frame work of the
CMS 'science&art@school ' work shop in collaboration with ECOLINT Geneve

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Art@CMS vernissage at CMS CERN - LHC P5 June 25th

This years Art@CMS vernissage we have the honour to present the artists :

Chris Henschke - digital VideoArt
Artist-in-Residence at Australian Synchrotron and researcher at RMIT University/AUS
“In their scientific dialogue, Henschke and CMS physicist Wolfgang Adam are developing an art installation transforming CMS data streams into impressive video sequences which manifest qualities of the sublime present within the LHC experiments.”
Paco Falco - paintings
Artist from Naples in collaboration with I.N.F.N. Sezione di Napoli/Italy
“Working together, Paco Falco and CMS physicist Pierluigi Paolucci are creating emotional impressions on canvas about fundamental physics questions and topics addressed by CMS”.

 as well as artworks from students of our Science&Art@School collaborations with
IPACdesign Genveve and ECOLINT Geneve

 During the Art@CMS vernissage Anastasia Sidorenko (student at the ECOLINT Geneve) presented her song inspired by CMS - Art@CMS  
Find her video clip of the song "Love is the 5th element" on YouTube:

A selection of standard Art@CMS artworks will also be on display from
Michael Hoch - AUT, Xavier Cortada - USA, Alison Gill - UK
Welcome speeches were given by Claudia Wulz - CMS Collaboration Chair, Tiziano Camporesi - CMS Spokesperson, Patrick Parquet - IPAC Director, Stephen Preece - ECOLINT, Michael Hoch CMS, Paco Falco & Pierlugi Paolucci  INFN and Chris Henschke & Wolfgang Adam HEPY; 

Paco Falco and Chris Henschke in front of Chris Hensches CMS_DigitalArtVideos

Anastasia Sidorenko ECOLINT Geneve, "Love is the 5th element"

Mirror reflexitons in the artwork of Alexia Foulon ECOLINT

Friday, 6 June 2014

CMSart show during 15 years anniversery QualysmART - QualySoft

Next to the UNO city in Vienna / Austriain CMSart of Michael Hoch was presented in a nice venue together with other ScienceTechnologyArt artists, Michael Amarata, Yvonne Deyzac, Michael Hoch, Gergely Molnár, Ekkehard Tischendorf, Reiner Tischendorf und Christoph Überhuber.

During the Opening talks were given by Mag. Muna Duzdar (representative of the local city gouvernment), Maria Rauch-Kallat, Austrian Minister a.D. & Presitent of the MRK diversity managment GmbH and Dr. Michael Hoch physicist at CMS/ CERN and Art@CMS artist, as well as Mag. Ursula Tuczka President of the Metropolitan ArtClub.

Find more info at


Thursday, 5 June 2014

Science Technology Art - Vernissag in Vienna - qualysmART

Today Vernissage of the "Science Technology Art - Exhibition in Vienna.

Entrance: 18h , presentations start at 19h by

Mag. Muna Duzdar (local city government) - cultural and business collaborations

Maria Rauch- Kallat (Austrian Minister a.D., President of Diversity Management gmbh) - diversity

Dr. Michael Hoch (CMS scientist & artist) - CMS - where science meets art

Mag. Urula Tuczka (prof. art manager, President of Metropolitan Art Club) - presentation of all participating artist